5 Illuminati Myths That Were Debunked

Secret Underground Organisations, Immensely Powerful and more.

5 Illuminati Myths That Were Debunked

The Illuminati is a Secret Underground Organisation

Contrary to popular belief, the early Illuminati, also known as Alumbrados, were not secretive. Originating in 15th century Spain, they openly promoted their alternative spiritual views, which included the belief that they could communicate with the Holy Spirit if they purified their souls.

The Illuminati are Immensely Powerful

While often perceived as all-powerful, early Alumbrados were frequently persecuted for their religious ideas. Notable figures like Fernando Méndez faced constant threats and were often the target of the Spanish Inquisition.

Illuminati Members are all Vastly Wealthy and Part of the Global Elite

The Illuminati were not exclusively rich and powerful. Many, like María de Santo Domingo, a peasant girl from south of Salamanca, came from modest backgrounds and still managed to gain a following, including King Ferdinand II.

The Illuminati are Based Across the World

Despite conspiracy theories suggesting a global presence, the Illuminati only existed in certain parts of Western and Central Europe. The most famous movement started in the late 18th century in Bavaria, Germany, by Professor Adam Weishaupt, who aimed to create a society built around reason and logic.

The Illuminati is Full of Politicians and Aliens

The myth of celebrities and aliens in the Illuminati was born out of a hoax in Playboy magazine. Editors Robert Anton Wilson and Kerry Thornley started sending fake letters into the magazine, describing a secret cult – the Illuminati – that they said controlled the world. This prank eventually led to one of the most elaborate conspiracy theories in the world.