5 Killers Who Started Young

Harvey Miguel Robinson, Craig Price and more.

5 Killers Who Started Young

Harvey Miguel Robinson

Hailing from Allentown, Pennsylvania, Harvey Miguel Robinson holds the grim title of being one of the youngest serial killers on death row. His murderous spree began at the tender age of 17 in August 1992. His reign of terror ended when police apprehended him in July 1993. Robinson’s capture was a result of his failed attempt to murder Denise Cali, who managed to bite his arm during the attack. This bite mark became the crucial evidence that led to his conviction. Robinson was found guilty of raping and murdering three women: Joan Burghardt, Charlotte Schmoyer, and Jessica Jean Fortney. Despite being re-sentenced to life imprisonment for two of the murders due to his age at the time of the crimes, he remains on death row for the murder of Fortney.

Craig Price

Craig Chandler Price, a resident of Warwick, Rhode Island, is currently serving his sentence at the Florida State Prison in Raiford. Price’s violent journey began at 13 when he brutally murdered his neighbour, Rebecca Spencer. Two years later, he confessed to killing three more neighbours while under the influence of drugs. Despite his young age, Price’s violent tendencies led to his transfer from a juvenile correctional institution in Rhode Island to Florida in 2004. His parole was denied in 2009, and his release date in May 2020 was postponed due to an additional 25-year sentence for stabbing an inmate in 2017.

Jasmine Richardson

Jasmine Richardson’s story is a twisted tale of forbidden love turned deadly. At just 12 years old, Richardson, along with her 27-year-old boyfriend Jeremy Steinke, embarked on a murderous rampage, killing her parents and younger brother. Richardson’s conviction made her one of the youngest individuals to be convicted of multiple first-degree murders in Canada. However, due to her age, she could not receive more than a ten-year sentence. After showing signs of rehabilitation, Richardson completed her sentence in May 2016.

Mary Bell

Mary Bell’s life was marked by hardship and abuse, leading her down a dark path before she even turned 11. In May 1968, Bell strangled 4-year-old Martin Brown to death. Two months later, she killed again, leaving the body of 3-year-old Bryan Howe in the same area. Bell was convicted of manslaughter due to diminished responsibility and spent 12 years in prison. She was released at the age of 23 and now lives under a new identity with her daughter.

Joseph McVay

On January 2nd, 2011, 10-year-old Joseph McVay shot his mother, Deborah McVay, at their home in Holmes County, Ohio. Tired of arguing with his mother over chores, Joseph used a 22 calibre rifle to shoot her. He pleaded guilty to one count of murder on the same day of the incident. Interviews with family members and school administrators revealed a history of physical, emotional, and verbal abuse, raising questions about the brewing intent behind the murder.