5 People With Real Superpowers

The Modern Samurai, The Real-Life Daredevil and more.

5 People With Real Superpowers

The Modern Samurai

In the annals of history, samurais were renowned warriors, their combat prowess inspiring awe and respect. Today, we have Isao Machii, a man whose extraordinary abilities could rival those of legendary samurais. With his sword, Machii can bisect anything, even a pellet fired at 200 mph! His exceptional speed and precision set him apart, enabling him to achieve remarkable feats. Recognised in the Guinness World Book of Records for his swift and accurate sword cuts, Machii’s skills are often likened to a machine’s precision. However, his talent is not innate but the result of relentless practice and dedication. This Japanese Iaido Master embodies the adage, “Practice makes perfect.”

The Real-Life Daredevil

Imagine losing your sight. How would you navigate the world? Daniel Kish, though technically blind, possesses a unique ability that allows him to perceive his surroundings. Using echolocation, much like bats, Kish can navigate through heavy traffic, venture into the wilderness, and even ascend trees. After losing his sight to retinal cancer in childhood, Kish developed a technique to use his tongue clicks to navigate. The echoes from these clicks help him identify obstacles and their distances. His proficiency in human echolocation is so advanced that he now guides other visually impaired individuals, proving that disability does not equate to inability.

The Human Camera

Have you ever wished for a perfect memory? Stephen Wiltshire, an autistic individual with a photographic memory, can recall and sketch anything he sees in remarkable detail. Wiltshire’s first words were “Pen” and “Paper,” and today, he uses his extraordinary talent to create detailed impressions of cityscapes from a single helicopter ride. His most notable work, a 360-degree panorama of London’s landmarks, was created without any reference material, demonstrating the unmatched capabilities of his memory.

The Ultimate Balancer

John Evans is a strongman known for his incredible ability to balance anything on his head. From beer pints to a 352-pound car, Evans can support immense weights with his head and neck. Holding 33 Guinness World Records for his balancing feats, Evans is no ordinary weightlifter. He discovered his unique talent while working in construction, where balancing bricks on his head allowed him to carry more. Over time, his neck strength increased, and he found that his bone density was comparable to that of a young adult. His strength continues to grow with age, enabling him to support heavy weights with his skeletal structure alone.

The Human Lightning Rod

Contrary to the saying, lightning can strike the same place twice, or in the case of Roy Cleveland Sullivan, seven times! This former US park ranger, dubbed the “Spark Ranger,” holds the record for surviving the most lightning strikes. Each strike left him with minor injuries, defying the odds of severe disability or death associated with lightning strikes. However, being a lightning magnet led many to avoid him, fearing they might also be struck. Despite surviving numerous lightning strikes, Sullivan’s life ended in suicide, leaving many to speculate that he had grown weary of constantly looking out for storm clouds.