5 Scary Dating Horror Stories

Revenge Plots, Forgettable Cinema Dates and more.

5 Scary Dating Horror Stories

Revenge Plot Gone Wrong

Matthew Herrick fell victim to a distressing revenge scheme orchestrated by an ex-partner he met on Grindr. Over five months, Herrick was confronted by over a thousand men who arrived uninvited at his Manhattan home and workplace, expecting to engage in illicit activities. This was due to fake Grindr profiles created by Herrick’s ex-partner, which included false claims about Herrick’s health status and preferences. Despite Herrick’s refusals, these individuals persisted, leading Herrick to sue Grindr in April 2017 for allowing such misuse to occur.

A Date to Forget

A Reddit user shared her experience with a man she met through OkCupid. Despite initial attraction, the cinema date took a turn for the worse when he began to engage in inappropriate "self-love" behavior during the movie. He justified his actions by claiming it was normal behavior for people to pleasure themselves during a movie, leaving her horrified and forcing her to move to the other side of the theater.

Revenge Porn Threat

Trent John Samuels, a 27-year-old Tinder user, couldn’t handle rejection well. After being removed from a woman’s Snapchat account for sending a picture of himself pooping, he threatened her with revenge porn using intimate images she had previously shared. The woman immediately reported him to the police, leading to Samuels pleading guilty to revenge porn charges and being fined $3,500.

Robbery Scheme

In 2020, some Maryland dating app users encountered men posing as women on dating apps, only to rob their dates. The robbers would physically assault the victims before taking their wallets, car keys, and cell phones. This scheme was also used by men in other U.S. cities, leading to warnings from police about meeting strangers through dating apps.

Dangerous Encounter

An unidentified Californian man found out the hard way that even a background check on your potential date may not protect you from people intending to rob you on a date. He met Shalena Lopez on the dating app Meet Me and while on the date they "coincidentally" came across two of her male friends. After being asked to give the three of them a lift home, he was robbed at gunpoint by Lopez and two of her acquaintances after their date.