5 Things You Need To Live Off The Grid

Finding the perfect spot, building shelter and more.

5 Things You Need To Live Off The Grid

Finding Your Perfect Spot

If you’re dreaming of a life away from the hustle and bustle, the first step is finding your own piece of land. With most of the world already claimed, you’ll need to find an undeveloped spot with a stable climate. Remember to check local laws about land management - you might not be able to build whatever you want. Ideally, you’ll want a place that’s zoned for agriculture, gets plenty of sunlight, has moderate wind, and a water source. This way, you can farm your own food and minimise government interference.

Building a Safe Haven

Shelter is a basic human necessity. We need protection from extreme temperatures and the sun. Initially, you might have to make do with a temporary shelter like a tent, but eventually, you’ll want something more permanent. Your shelter should offer security, protection from the elements, and some comfort. It should also be near a water source. If a log cabin isn’t your style, consider converting shipping containers into sturdy shelters, or buying a prefabricated house. Recreational vehicles can also be modified for permanent living.