Glass Onion, Ronald Reagan And More

Facts about the Glass Onion, Ronald Reagan and more.

Glass Onion, Ronald Reagan And More
Photo by Nicolas HIPPERT / Unsplash

Glass Onion

The location of the Glass Onion, an island in Greece was decided on by Rian Johnson during the Covid-19 pandemic.
He was so sick of being stuck in lockdown, he decided to imagine a location he could shoot the Knives Out sequel and build the story around that. As a result, once he was free to travel again, he got to go somewhere warm and sunny to shoot the movie which ended up being the Island of Spetses in Greece.

Ronald Reagan

In 1988, Ronald Reagan commissioned the construction of the International Space Station (ISS) to push scientific research.
It was a collaboration between the US, Europe and Japan, with Russia invited to join the programme 5 years later.


Due to the pandemic, 12.6 million new pets were bought in 2020, which doubled waiting times at veterinarians as there needed to be nearly double the number of appointments made by new pet owners.

Erik Estrada

Erik Estrada was best known as a police officer in the 80s TV show ‘CHIPS’ but after the show was cancelled he found letting go of the uniform difficult and decided to turn his back on acting to become a real-life deputy sheriff in Idaho.

The Grinch

It took over eight hours to apply the Grinch makeup for Jim Carrey’s first shoot. It was so unbearable for Carrey that he threatened to quit.
The studio arranged for Carrey to meet with a CIA operative to learn how to endure torture.
Carrey was forced to don the Grinch suit 100 times and was known to wander off for several hours during the application of the makeup, only to return when he felt ready to continue.
The experience for the makeup artist tasked with the job of dealing with a stressed-out Carrey caused the makeup artist to seek counselling therapy after filming was finally over.


In 2020, the number of people using a bicycle rapidly increased. Pedal bicycle sales rose by 65% while electric bicycle sales rose by 145%.


The planet Jupiter spins on its axis so fast that it causes the middle of the planet to bulge outwards.


You are 50 times more likely to die from taking a Selfie than from a Shark attack. The number of global shark attack deaths each year is 5-9 per year, while for Selfie fatalities it is closer to 260 a year.