Laughing, China And More

10 facts about laughing, Chinese cinema and more.

Laughing, China And More
Photo by Brian Lundquist / Unsplash


Laughing provides the same neurochemicals in the brain that give you a "high" that you get when you go for a jog. It is known as a "runner's high".

The Eagles

Irving Azoff, manager of the band The Eagles, bought all the rights to The Beach Boys' songs and merchandise for $100 million.

Chinese Cinema

Before COVID-19, the Chinese cinema industry would take $1.2 billion in ticket sales over the Chinese New Year weekend.


Astronomers have managed to identify over 4,500 exoplanets in our universe so far.
160 of these exoplanets are rocky planets like our very own Earth.

Nuclear Password

For over 20 years, the US Government used the same password for the computer that launches nuclear weapons. That password was '00000000' which was created by the computer technician installing the software and was never updated to a proper password until twenty years later someone noticed.


Pebax is a strong, lightweight material that is now being used in athletic shoes. The material is so light that when used as running spikes, it is reducing running times by 4 seconds a mile.

Pet Dogs

The average family pet dog usually responds to 80 different words that its owner says to them. However, in scientific tests, it was discovered that the Border Collie responded to over 1,000 words.

Elon Musk

In 2022, it is expected that Elon Musks' tax bill for the year will be around $1 billion.

San Francisco Sinking

Scientists have estimated that the city of San Francisco weighs approximately 1.6 trillion kilograms which has caused it to sink by 8 centimetres.

Argentine Beer

In Argentina, scientists decided to test an experiment to see if they could make the flavours of beer better by submerging it under the sea for a year. The experiment involved taking 185 gallons of the finest ale and submerging it out to sea at a depth of 66 feet.
One year later they went back to retrieve the experiment and found that someone had stolen it all.