Meth, YouTube And More

10 facts about Meth, YouTube and more.

Meth, YouTube And More
Photo by Roberto Sorin / Unsplash


Scientists have discovered that using a combination of Bupropion to raise dopamine levels and Naltrexone which is an opioid blocker, they have greater success at getting people off Methamphetamine addiction. Of those addicted and using this new treatment, around 10% of patients were clean for three months, compared to old treatments that has a success rate of around 1%.


According to a report in 2020, the percentage of YouTube videos that broke their terms and conditions, was placed at about 0.18% of all their content.
This might seem very small but with over 30,000 hours of brand new content being uploaded every single hour, that equates to 48 hours worth of harmful content per hour being uploaded.

Death Penalty

When Virginia ended the state death penalty, over 1,600 people had been executed in its 413 year history.
During the 20th century 377 inmates were executed of which 296 of them were black prisoners.

Container Ships

Container ships similar to the one that got stuck in the Suez Canal, are usually insured for $100 - $150 million for damage to the hull or machinery. That doesn't include the insurance for the cargo on board.

American Bald Eagle

In 1963, a survey of American Bald Eagles found that there were just 417 nesting pairs left in the US.
Thanks to wildlife conservation and protection of these birds, in 2020 they recorded 71,400 nesting pairs.

Pandemic Takeaways

During the pandemic a lot of major food restaurants were facing a tough economic situation when they were not allowed to open to paying guests.
To raise money, they converted many of their restaurants into Ghost Kitchens and set up small independent takeaway establishments delivering food by app.
Applebee's set up Cosmic Wings, Chilli's set up It's Just Wings and Tender Shack set up Outback Steakhouse.
It proved popular with Tender Shack seeing approximately $75 million profit from their side-venture.

The Oscars Adverts

The last Oscars ceremony generated over $130 million in advertising revenue for the event, with commercial breaks commanding $1.8 - £2 million for a 30-second slot.
Verizon, Rolex and Cadillac were three of the biggest advertisers for The Oscars, dropping around $10 - $13 million each to promote their products.


An asteroid known as Apophis, named after the Egyptian god of chaos and darkness, passes close to earth every few years.
Measuring approximately 340 meters in diameter it would cause a major catastrophe to all life on Earth if it ever hit us.
The next time it is going to get close to us is in 2029 and then 2036 and should pass us by about 32,000 kilometers.
According to NASA, they have studied the risk level of Apophis striking the Earth as far as 2068 and do not believe there is any risk to life on Earth.


According to a study, the average NFT costs 2.3kg of carbon emissions to produce and send an NFT to someone, and they believe over the average lifespan of an NFT it will generate approximately 212kgs of CO2 emissions.
To put that into context. an NFT is going to generate the same amount of CO2 emissions as driving a petrol car for 500 miles.

Meat Eaters

A study in the US  in 2019 found that 85% of people considered themselves to be meat eaters.
By 2020 a new study found that figure had dropped to 71%, with 34% who considered themselves to be meat eaters saying that they would be reducing the amount of meat they consume each week.