Parachute Oil, Roku And More

10 facts about Parachute Oil, Fistfights and more.

Parachute Oil, Roku And More
Photo by Tom Roberts / Unsplash

Parachute Oil

In order to avoid paying taxes, the company Marico considerably rebranded their Parachute Oil.
By branding it as '100% coconut oil', 'vegetarian-friendly', and 'FSSAI approved' whilst removing reference to it being a hair oil, they managed to get the product into a lower tax band.


When the short-lived streaming platform Quibi shut down, Roku stepped in and bought the rights to its entire 75-programme catalogue for a bargain basement price of $100 million.

Nuclear War

In the event of a nuclear war devastating the U.S., the government has plans in place to rebuild, starting with brand new tax rules to immediately apply to any survivors.

Police Dog

Karma, a police dog that patrolled the U.S./Canada border, was so bad at doing its job, it alerted officers to there being drugs inside every single vehicle it was asked to investigate crossing the border between 2018–20.
Officers found that it was only correct in identifying illegal narcotics 29% of the time.

A.I. Recruitment

In 2016, over 10% of all worldwide recruitment to job positions was selected by artificial intelligence programmes.
By 2020, that figure suddenly dropped.
The reason for the sudden drop? They discovered that artificial intelligence would often select candidates based on race or gender, rather than talent, leading to lawsuits for discrimination.


There are over 36,000 McDonald's restaurants worldwide, but while Mcdonald's is a huge company, less than 1,000 of those restaurants are directly owned by Mcdonald's.
The rest are actually franchised to private owners.

Patent Numbers

The U.S. Patent number 11,000,000 is for a heart valve. 10,999,999 and 11,000,001 are both for Soya Beans.

Golden Globes

The Golden Globes "87" refers to the 87 members of the Hollywood Foreign Press Association.
These 87 people are paid vast sums of money to influence the media and press.
In 2020, the 87 received $27 million from major studios, to sway the world press into positively supporting their nominated movies in their news stories.


In a YouGov survey, people were asked which animals they felt they could beat in a fistfight.
61% thought they could beat up a Goose.
30% an Eagle.
17% could beat a Chimpanzee.
12% could take on a Wolf.
And 6% of people believed they could take on a Grizzly Bear and win!

Aeroplane Stunts

Due to a lack of effective CGI in the 90s, the movie Face Off used a real aeroplane and actually flew it into a hanger.
Because it was an expensive stunt, they set up dozens of cameras in case some failed to work.