Pipelines, BTS And More

Facts about Pipelines, BTS and more.

Pipelines, BTS And More
Photo by SELİM ARDA ERYILMAZ / Unsplash


There are 8,600 miles of active oil and gas pipelines on the seafloor of the Gulf of Mexico.
Nearly all of them are unmonitored for leaks and instead require people to manually observe any leak on the surface rather than fitting pressure sensors to them.


The BTS’s song 'Dynamite' was viewed over a billion times on YouTube in the first 8 months after it was uploaded.

It's A Wonderful Life

The Xmas movie 'It's A Wonderful Life' received mixed reviews and didn't recoup the budget spent on it when it was first released in 1946.
As a result of the poor reception, it was forgotten about for decades, never getting aired on TV until 28 years later when the copyright to it lapsed.
Because it was then in the public domain, TV networks used to show it at Xmas due to the fact it cost nothing to air it. Within a few years, it had become a regular tradition to watch it and soon became the cult classic that it is today.


The weight of the average human brain is approximately 3 pounds.
To put that into context, it is a similar weight to an empty electric kettle or a steam iron.

Road Salt

In the U.S. they use approximately 17 million tons of rock salt to de-ice roads.
It costs the state of Minnesota over $9 million a year in Rock Salt but many states are now turning to Beet Juice as a replacement, which costs 75% less to produce than rock salt costs and is better for the environment too.


Millipedes start life with just 6 legs.
Over the course of their lifespan, they add more legs to their bodies, section by section.
The average Millipede ends up with about 750 legs, but there is a variety in Australia that can have up to 1,300 legs.

No Shows

An average live music event has around 1-3% of ticket holders not showing up, leading to empty seats.
But a survey revealed that older bands such as The Eagles or Billy Joel had as many as 12-20% not showing up for the actual event which not only led to smaller audiences than planned, but less money spent on merchandise, hospitality, etc.

NBA Videos

The National Basketball Association (NBA) have so many game recordings in its archive, they have had to pay Vital Records Inc to secure them for the future.
The archive of footage is now located in an unused AT&T-owned nuclear bunker inside a mountain in New Jersey.
It contains 50,000 tapes, which is 37 Petabytes of NBA footage and is growing steadily.