Russia's Kosmos-2558 Satellite: A Space Detective or a Threat?

Experts believe Kosmos-2558 is a "space detective" designed to collect information about other countries' satellites.

Russia's Kosmos-2558 Satellite: A Space Detective or a Threat?
Photo by SpaceX / Unsplash

In August 2022, Russia launched a new satellite called Kosmos-2558. The satellite's purpose is unknown, but it has been closely monitored by space experts ever since.

In March 2023, Kosmos-2558 made a series of manoeuvres that brought it within 35 kilometres of a secret US satellite called USA-326. USA-326 is a spy satellite that is used to gather intelligence on Russia and other countries.

The close approach of Kosmos-2558 to USA-326 has raised concerns that Russia is using the satellite to spy on the US. Some kilometres' satellites. Others believe that the satellite is a more sinister threat and that it could be used to disable or destroy US satellites.

This is not the first time that Russia has used a satellite to tail a US spy satellite. In 2020, a Russian satellite called Kosmos-2542 came within 100 kilometers of USA-245. The US government condemned the move as a "threat to space safety."

The close encounters between Russian and US satellites are a reminder of the growing tensions between the two countries. The space domain is becoming increasingly important, and both countries are developing new technologies to gain an advantage.