Worship, Fixing Things And More

Facts about Worship, Fixing Things and more.

Worship, Fixing Things And More
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A recent study by Gallup found that only 47% of Americans belonged to a house of worship.

Fixing Things

A study of people having to fix tasks such as fixing a holiday itinerary, an essay or a puzzle pattern, found that they were between 3-10 times more likely to add something to the problem to fix it than to take something away. For example, add more destinations in a holiday, add more words to an essay or add more pieces to the puzzle.

Netflix Anime

Netflix is investing heavily in Anime shows and movies but has hit a problem. There are only 5,000-6,000 animators that can do it in Japan, and each production needs approximately 200 working on it.
To counteract the challenge, Netflix has set up an Anime School to teach people how to get into the industry and is paying scholars $5,000 plus living expenses to learn the skill.

Home Alone

The movie Home Alone was to be made by Warner Bros, but they only gave it a $10 million budget. When it became clear that the budget was too small, Warner Bros cancelled the entire project.
The writer John Hughes had already predicted this would happen and secretly left the script anonymously on the boss of 20th Century Fox's desk, who upon hearing it had been cancelled, snatched it up and had it made for $18 million.
It has gone on to earn the company over $500 million and spawned multiple sequels.

Health Funding

In America, during the first year of the Pandemic, 248 leaders of state and local health departments were either fired, resigned or retired early due to the pressures of the Pandemic.
Most of them were let go because they had cut the health budget by an average of 17% and cut 38,000 jobs in the 10 years leading up to the Pandemic, leaving them stretched too thin to cope.

Nasa Helicopter

The Nasa Helicopter 'Ingenuity' is a helicopter drone that flies on Mars to take pictures and capture data. It cost $85 million and weighs 1.8 kilograms.
It was designed to fly at 5 meters in height for 90 seconds at a time in an atmosphere that is only 1% as dense as that on Earth.


During the Pandemic, household accidents in the U.S. rose by 12% compared to the year before. This is down to more DIY jobs and other projects being carried out during lockdowns.