Xmas Markets, Sphinx And More

Facts about Xmas Markets, The Sphinx and more.

Xmas Markets, Sphinx And More

Xmas Markets

The first recorded Xmas Market was in the early 13th century when Albrecht I gave permission for a public Krippenmarkt in Austria.


The photograph is the first known photo of The Sphinx, standing in front of the Great Pyramids of Giza. The photo was taken around 1849 by Maxime Du Camp and shows the Sphinx had only been partially excavated at that point, with the feet and tail yet to still be discovered and unearthed.

The Sphinx

International Space Station

According to NASA, the ISS is expected to be abandoned and allowed to crash down in a remote part of the ocean in 2031. Russia is planning to leave in 2024 and will build a new one they intend to use in future.

Solo Sports

During the COVID-19 pandemic, solo outdoor sports became really popular as a way to exercise without social interaction. In America, Skateboarding and Tennis grew in popularity, while indoor sports like Ten-Pin Bowling saw huge drops in the number of participants.

The Glass Onion

Netflix won a bidding war against Apple and Amazon, to purchase Knives Out and two sequels (one of which became The Glass Onion.) for $450 million.
$100 million goes to director Rian Johnson to direct and write the two sequels and another $100 million goes to Daniel Craig to star in the two sequels.

Cameron Diaz

Cameron Diaz quit acting at the height of her fame and turned her attention towards writing self-help books that empower women. She has become a best-selling author with two successful books and also a public speaker.


The average human remembers the most vivid memories of what happens to them between the ages of 15 and 25.


The average person blinks approximately 15 times a minute, which is 1,200 times an hour, or 19,000 times a day (if they sleep for 8 hours).


Worldwide, Mcdonald's sells approximately 75 hamburgers every single second.