Data & Privacy

Wondering how I fare when it comes to privacy and GDPR rules?
Good news: I don't use any tracking cookies of any kind.
However, I do have to say "We may keep your email on file to send you newsletters, etc." because we want to send you newsletters as you asked for.

Of course, other third-party stuff like payment providers or sites I might link to may use your private data to make their service better, but you will need to contact whoever is providing that service to see their privacy policy.
Even then, if I use a third party you can be sure that they are officially legit ones and not likely to be dodgy.
Just know I am not tracking you like a secret ninja spy, and I don't really want or have any use of your data other than an email address to contact you when I post something.
And here ends the Privacy Policy required by law.

Now, Affiliate Links are another story:
This site sometimes uses affiliate links when I post things.
It isn't too often I do this but this allows me to earn a small commission that helps to pay for the running of this excellent site.
Not every link is an affiliate link, but presume that they all are and you and I can't go wrong.
Just remember, anything you do buy from an affiliate link you see on this site is not actually sold by me and any problems, questions or issues with purchasing any product should be taken up with the seller of that product.