Wondering how I fare when it comes to privacy and GDPR rules? No? Well tough, because I have to legally tell you even though it's boring stuff nobody reads...

Good news: I don't use any tracking cookies of any kind for the site.
However, I do have to say: "We may keep your email on file to send you newsletters, etc." because we do occasionally send them.

Other third-party stuff like payment providers or sites I might link to may use your private data to make their service better, but you will need to contact whoever is providing that service to see their privacy policy.
Even then, if I use a third party they are usually legit and unlikely to be dodgy.
Just know I am not tracking you like a secret ninja spy, and I don't really want or have any use for your data other than an email address to contact you when I post something.

Now, Affiliate Links are another story:

This site does use affiliate links a lot.
It allows me to earn a small commission when you click on or purchase something from that link, and it doesn't cause you any additional costs or limitations being referred by me. They just like to reward me for promoting something awesome to you. In some cases, they will also reward you for using my affiliate link so that we both get something good from it, so they are always worth clicking on.
The reason I have them is simple, it helps to pay for the running of this excellent site and keeps me motivated.

Not every link is an affiliate link, but if you presume that they all are, you and I can't go wrong.
Just remember, anything you do buy from an affiliate link you see on this site is not actually sold by me and any problems, questions or issues with purchasing any product should be taken up with the seller of that product.

I give a lot of advice, tips and suggest ways to improve your life, but all of them are just that... advice, tips and suggestions. Not promises, guarantees or get-out-of-jail cards that work like in Monopoly.

If you choose to follow any of the advice given and it turns out negatively, firstly something must have gone badly wrong as I don't intend to post anything harmful, but secondly, you are doing it at your own risk... because I am telling you now, there may be an occasional risk that I didn't come across or predict. As much as I want to protect you in a bubble, life sometimes has a way where things may not completely work out, such as delivery getting lost in the post, or the bank accidentally giving you £1 million... okay, so not all negative!

If something does go wrong following my sites content, then by using this site you pinky swear and promise not to hold me liable because all I am doing is trying to help you to be a better person, and you might also want to tell me about it so that I can quickly remove anything that might cause someone else to have a negative experience.

Generally, you shouldn't have any negative experiences, because the whole point of me posting it is because I probably stuck my own hand in the theoretical hole and found I didn't get bitten, so you shouldn't get bitten either.

Now that I have covered all the privacy, terms and other nonsense stuff I have to include for you, it's time to get yourself on to the homepage and create your own path to a better life... what are you waiting for?

What are you looking for, this isn't a movie, there are no extra bits after the credits!!!

Seriously... nothing exciting to see down here!