5 Crazy Tactics Used In War

Indelible Graffiti, Itching Powder and more.

5 Crazy Tactics Used In War

Indelible Graffiti

Graffiti was a low-risk way for the resistance to oppose the Nazis. The Allies even airdropped stencils and paint behind enemy lines. However, the Germans were quick to remove any graffiti they found. To counter this, the British developed an ammonium-based paint that etched into glass and couldn't be removed. Disguised as toothpaste tubes, this paint was smuggled into occupied Europe and used to write insults on German officers' car windshields. There was a hiccup when a shipment was mistakenly sent to North Africa and was used as actual toothpaste, causing havoc on both teeth and morale.

Itching Powder

The British Special Operations Executive (SOE) started producing itching powder to demoralise the enemy. This powder, disguised as talcum powder, was smuggled into occupied Europe and sprinkled over German uniforms. In one instance, 25,000 U-boat crew uniforms were contaminated, causing at least one U-boat to return to port due to severe dermatitis among the crew. The SOE also filled German envelopes with itching powder and sent them back into the German postal system. In Norway, the powder was even put into condoms intended for German troops, leading to a surge in soldiers complaining of "painful irritation."