5 More Crazy Tactics Used In War

Spreading Rumours, Hitlers Penis and more.

5 More Crazy Tactics Used In War

Spreading Rumours

During WWII, British journalist Sefton Delmer was tasked with running a black propaganda operation against Germany. Fluent in German and familiar with Nazi leaders, he created Gustav Siegfried Eins, a radio station that aired scandalous stories about Nazi leaders. The station’s shocking content led to a British politician questioning the morality of the war effort. The station ended dramatically with a staged Gestapo raid and the announcer’s “death”.

Hitlers Penis

Artists like Marion Whitehorn spent hours painstakingly drawing genitals onto official pictures of the Fuhrer to make it appear like he was exposing himself or masturbating in public. This wartime form of fake imagery would always have his penis looking tiny and circumcised similar to the Jewish people he persecuted.
When the SS started to produce leaflets stating that these images were fake, the artists took it to another level by producing identical leaflets to the SS ones, but with Hitler having a ridiculously large penis to make it appear like the SS was overcompensating against the forgeries.