5 More People Who Broke The Rules

Martin Luther King, Susan B. Anthony and more.

5 More People Who Broke The Rules

Martin Luther

Martin Luther, an Augustinian monk and priest since 1507, disagreed with the Roman Catholic Church’s practices, particularly indulgences.
Disturbed by the Church’s practice of granting indulgences in exchange for donations and prayers, he posted his Ninety-five Theses on the Wittenburg Church door in 1517, intending to spark academic debate.
When Pope Leo X in 1520 and Emperor Charles V in 1521 demanded he renounce his writings, he refused, leading to his excommunication and outlaw status.
Luther’s actions were pivotal in the Reformation, causing a schism and the emergence of Lutheranism and other Protestant religions.

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., a Baptist minister from Atlanta, was a prominent figure in the U.S. Civil Rights movement during the 1950's and 60's.
He led the 1955 Montgomery bus boycott, ending legal segregation in Alabama’s transit system, and was the first president of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference.
His leadership in the 1963 March on Washington brought him national recognition.
In 1964 he received the Nobel Peace Prize for his nonviolent fight against racial inequality.
Despite being arrested 29 times, King’s efforts significantly contributed to ending legalised segregation.