5 More Philosophers Who Had Tragic Ends

Heraclitus, Kurt Godel and more.

5 More Philosophers Who Had Tragic Ends


Heraclitus, known for his cryptic teachings, challenged our understanding of identity with sayings like “All things change” and “We both step and do not step into the same rivers; we both are and are not.”
His obscure nature earned him the names “the Black” and “the Obscure.”
Suffering from dropsy, he posed a riddle to his doctors instead of seeking help directly.
His self-devised cure, involving sun and manure, led to his tragic end when he was attacked by dogs and eaten.

Kurt Godel

Kurt Godel, one of the greatest logicians ever, revolutionized mathematics with his Incompleteness Theorem in 1931.
This theorem shattered the belief that complete mathematical models could be built from axioms.
However, Godel’s rationality deserted him towards the end of his life.
After a friend’s murder, he became paranoid about being poisoned and starved to death, trusting only his hospitalized wife to prepare his food.