5 Music Conspiracies That You Didn't Know

Supertramp, Kurt Cobain and more.

5 Music Conspiracies That You Didn't Know

Did Supertramp Predict 9/11? 

Supertramp, an English rock band formed in 1970, released their album “Breakfast In America” in 1979. Some fans believe the album cover, featuring an airplane window view of New York City and the Twin Towers, predicted the 9/11 attacks. When flipped, the band’s name appears to spell out 911 above the Twin Towers. However, it’s highly unlikely that a British band could have foreseen an attack 22 years in advance.

Was Kurt Cobain Murdered by Courtney Love? 

Kurt Cobain, the front-man for Nirvana, and Courtney Love, the lead singer of Hole, were married in 1992. Cobain tragically committed suicide in 1994. However, Tom Grant, a private investigator hired by Love, claims that Love was responsible for Cobain’s death. Despite these allegations, the Seattle Police Department and those close to Cobain disagree with this theory.