5 People Who Broke The Rules

Galileo, Caesar and more.

5 People Who Broke The Rules

Galileo Di Vincenzo Bonaiuti De’ Galilei

Galileo, an Italian scientist, advanced Copernicus' heliocentrism, causing conflict with the Catholic Church.
Accused of heresy in 1633, he recanted and lived under house arrest.
Despite this, his work shaped modern science, influencing astronomy, physics, and the scientific method.
He's now recognised as the father of modern science.

Gaius Julius Caesar

Gaius Julius Caesar, a notable rule-breaker in Roman history, defied the Senate’s orders by crossing the Rubicon River with his army on January 10, 49 BC.
This act sparked the Roman Civil War, pitting Caesar, a popular general, against the less favoured Senate.
Caesar’s rule-breaking led to his appointment as Dictator for Life, but his assassination led to his adopted heir, Gaius Octavius (Augustus Caesar), taking over and establishing the Roman Empire, which lasted over 1,400 years.